David Bowie Announces New Album, The Next Day, Releases Single, Video, Turns 66

Photo by Jimmy King

David Bowie released a new song yesterday and a couple of listens in i’m struck by the nostalgic quality the song evokes. This is not surprising. The song is a reflection of a life’s journey, imbued with wonder and wistfully underpinned by a deep intrinsic ‘knowing’ of the sustaining and essential aspects of life gleaned from many wanderings. It is melancholy, and it is beautiful.

But curiously, the nostalgia it awakens in me is for my own childhood. I went to sleep wondering about this and awoke grasping why.

In the first part of the song i hear glimpses of the wistful and melancholic sounds of Joe Raposo,  a man Frank Sinatra called a musical genius, whose tunes so permeated my early years on that Aladdin’s Cave of puppetry, Sesame Street.

A lovely convergence indeed.


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