pop art mannequins

When Carl Jung was young boy,screaming lord byron mannequin by stark he carved a tiny wooden mannequin he kept secreted away in a timber box. As a man Jung came to believe his mannequin was a primal figure from his own creative unconscious  – a Cabiri-esque figure from the underground – that he felt foreshadowed his later interest in the unconsciousness.

Bowie, a life long student of Jung,  was always fascinated by mannequins and masks, adopting a series of personas to process the creative explorations of his psyche right to the end.  The haunting Love is Lost clip filmed by Jimmy King famously utilised two wooden life sized Ashes to Ashes Peroit and Thin White Duke mannequins.

My series of timber pop art mannequins of Bowie personae were commissioned in 2011 and are now held in the Bowie Archive in New York. These are limited to hand painted editions of 50.   I may do a Lazarus mannequin sometime soon.

This picture of my Screaming Lord Byron Art Mannequin was taken from the firestairs of the apartment I was staying in on Mulberry Street in New York.  I had randomly organised to stay there through Lenny Abrahamson  – now an accomplished director – and his sister Emily, without knowing the address.  I discovered a year later Bowie and Iman’s own apartment ( i had no idea where they lived at the time) was reflected in my shoe. A very quirky and curious image, in retrospect…

Hand Painted Acrylic on Timber Artist Drawing Mannequins Limited edition of 50 – 33cm x 20 cm  $495 ea.


Nick Cave, Desmond Tutu, Reg Mombassa.

Hand Painted Acrylic on Timber Artist Drawing Mannequins

Limited edition of 50 – 33cm x 20 cm  $495 ea.

Dolls, Mannequins, 

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