Did Bowie predict the Valentine’s Day Massacre?

Did David Bowie predict Florida’s Valentines Day Massacre in 2015?

When this song was released in 2015 many saw in this piece a treatise for gun control.  While a benevolent interpretation,  I saw nothing of that. Instead I saw a man channelling the dark unconscious impulses that perculate in society and manifest, if not managed wisely, in hideous suffering both for the mental health of the perpetrator and the victims of their projected rage:  “teddy and judy down… the teachers and the football stars.”

Bowie was a visionary artist, deeply into Carl Jung and often manifested the darker side of our collective unconscious, the troubled part of the zeitgeist,  in his work.  I’ve written at length how and why here.


While Bowie may not have strictly predicted the massacre – strong intuition and logic would presume Valentines Day is always going to be a deeply troubling day to disturbed schoolboys with a vendetta – his work is undoubtably prescient and none the less chilling in its capacity to express the darkness of our repressed shadow, and the forces which may seek to exploit it.Like most creative visionaries, psychosis and death were always closely entwined within his oeurve.

Curiously, Jung’s star is on the rise again, much like it was amidst the sixties counterculture movement.  The death of Bowie, the avowed Jungian,  brought many of  his ideas to fore as people searched deeper into the layers of symbolism and archetypal imagery surround his last works and death.

Now, several years later Jordan B Peterson has burst onto the public stage, bringing mythos back like it’s the new black.

This is both  strangely curious and unsurprisingly inevitable.

The ancient principle of enantiadromia holds that where ever there is an overabundance of one force, there will be a compensatory balancing with its opposite.

Jungian Bowie often sings of multiple personae, of telling lies, of the inauthentic Self and the magic of chaos.  His primary archetypes are the Magician, the Trickster, with a latent archetype of the Sage/Senex.   He has always had a core psychological obsession with the symbolism of the mannequin.

Jungian Peterson’s speaks of getting your house in order, the supremacy of truth, authenticity and bringing order out of chaos.  His primary archetypes are the Senex/Sage, the Hero and a latent archetype of the Magician, and, as all his long term audience know, also has a core psychological obsession with the metaphoric significance of the mannequin, (most famously Pinnochio and his quest to become real).


Peterson is a Seer who beseeches us to tell the Truth.
Bowie is a Seer who creatively claims to be a Liar.

Bowie represents Chaos.
Peterson represents Order.

Both of them represent two sides of a Janusian coin; they are the others shadow, and, had Bowie been alive, I imagine would have been drawn to the energy of the other.

Bowie the creative, soaked up books on gnosticism, mysticism and theology. He actively wrestled with Christian doctrine, visionary experience, meaning and destiny across his life and throughout his work.

Jordan the academic, also soaked up books on gnosticm, mysticism, and theology. And like Bowie,  wrestles with Christian doctrine, visionary experience, meaning and destiny across his life and throughout his work.


So why are these two Jungian inspired, culturally prophetic voices, from the arts and the academy –  one yin, one yang –  not only resonating, but operating in an almost prophetic function at this point of time?

To be continued/…