Books, Papers, Writing…

One of those eclectic types with an intellectual bent, i’ve a wide range of interests. From music reviews to academic papers, life is always fascinating.

I’m currently in writing a suburban gothic tale about a predatory social worker attempting to cheat destiny. As a somewhat dyslexic gal, I’m hoping there is a writers equivalent of the paralympics ’cause god knows syntax and I have a precarious relationship.

I’ll post up some of my more interesting pieces here:

Paper: Douglas, H., & Stark, T., Stories from Survivors: Domestic Violence and Criminal justice interventions, University of Queensland. T.C. Beirne School of Law, St Lucia, 2010. (Research, Writing and Illustration)

Paper: Taylor, N., Signal, T., & T. Stark Domestic violence, child abuse and companion animal harm: Service provider perspectives,  Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia, 2006

Book Chapter: “Crashing Out with Sylvian: David Bowie, Carl Jung and the Unconscious” in Deveroux, E., M.Power and A. Dillane (eds) Critical Perspectives: Routledge Press Contemporary Music Series. 2015 (chapter 5)

Book Chapter: “Confronting Bowie’s Mysterious Corpses” in Enchanting David Bowie Bloomsbury Press, 2015 (for Deakin University) exploring Art history and symbolism in pop culture.

Book: “DVConnect Domestic and Family Violence Crisis Support Service -10 years on the frontline of crisis” Retrospective 2012

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