Sublime Vessels : Porcelain and Ceramic Sculpture

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There is something deeply elemental about clay.  It is a primal substance, pulsating with ghosts of ancient makers, of hands that shaped forms and vessels, filled kilns and stoked furnaces.   Of creations immersed in the fire and heat transmuting wet earth into permanence. A sacred alchemy.

These vessels emerged between the ocean of Cairns and Stark’s bush studio outside Brisbane, the elemental essence of water and earth permeate their forms.  Raw, organic, sensual and strong, the works in clay speak of earth; containment, and nurture, transformation, creation and birth.  Smooth, flowing, and pure, the works in porcelain suggest freedom, movement, journey, water and wind.

Echoing with archetypal forms of the feminine, hints of the masculine, and traces of the  androdgyne,  their curves seem to develop their shapes intuitively,  forming spines, and sails, flowing across hidden chambers, exuding the rhythms of life as they permeate the realm of symbol and myth.   Mysterious and beautiful with layers of hidden chambers, textures and rhythms.


Large organic clay vessels: approx. 36 x 22 x 20 cm     375.00
Small organic clay vessels: approx.  17 x 10 x 7 cm      175.00
Set of Three Vessels:                                                            890.00
White porcelain vessels:  approx 20 x 12 x 15                290.00
Set of Three porcelain vessels:                                          690.00

p: 0414 658 235