Exhibition 27 March 2021 – Artisan Jewellery

Once again I’m excited to be joining John Carozza’s Exhibition ‘Deepstaria’ as a guest artist at Gallery 61, Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove in 2021. John’s evocative paintings conjure the mysterious ocean depths that contain the breathtakingly magical Deepstaria jellyfish, from where the title of his exhibition is drawn. This year in a departure from sculpture, IContinue reading “Exhibition 27 March 2021 – Artisan Jewellery”

“Crashing Out with Sylvian : David Bowie, Carl Jung and the Unconscious” by Tanja Stark

Image : Tanja Stark 2015 “David Bowie inhabits Carl Jung’s world of archetypes, reading and speaking of the psychoanalyst with a passion.”  Tony Oursler 2013 The haunting figure of an intubated, dystopian and alienated creature inhabiting ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (1980) world of religious, sci-fi and industrial imagery, singing of Major Tom’s trajectory like some perpetually unconsummatedContinue reading ““Crashing Out with Sylvian : David Bowie, Carl Jung and the Unconscious” by Tanja Stark”


Burn – a series of work 1999 – 2002 Burn explores the physical and metaphorical nature of pain and scarring in images created by branding, burning and marking of surfaces with heat, fire or charcoal. Pared back to its essential elements the gentle simplicity of the images belies the inherently complex and uncomfortable content ofContinue reading “Burn”

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