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An eclectic list of galleries, patrons and collaborators who I’ve exhibited with or have inspired me.

John Carozza : Australian painter
I  want  people to ask themselves, “what does it feel like?” rather than “what does it  mean?”

Cairns Regional Art Gallery
The Cairns Art Gallery shows art of national and international significance and enables cross cultural dialogues and the interpretation of the unique history and living cultures of Far North Queensland (FNQ), and our place in the world’s tropic zone.  I worked here as an art tutor and interpretive guide here in my 20’s and met a range of wonderful people including Guru Bob, more commonly known as Robert Heather.

Pop International New York   
Jeff Jaffe’s gallery in New York features work by and about pop culture icons including artist musicians Ronnie Wood, Bob Dylan, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring & Ringo Starr.  If you get a chance, ask Jeff to show you his Desmond Tutu mannequin.  Jeff backed me at a pivotal point in my life and I am indebted to his wisdom and encouragement. 

Franz Ehrmann

Eoin Devereux



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