Exhibition 27 March 2021 – Artisan Jewellery

Once again I’m excited to be joining John Carozza’s Exhibition ‘Deepstaria’ as a guest artist at Gallery 61, Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove in 2021.

John’s evocative paintings conjure the mysterious ocean depths that contain the breathtakingly magical Deepstaria jellyfish, from where the title of his exhibition is drawn. This year in a departure from sculpture, I will be showing a small collection of hand formed copper jewellery. You can Purchase some pieces online at Canasta Gallery.

Water and Metal are elemental forms in Chinese Philosophy Wu Xing, and in their regenerative cycle Metal begets, or contains, Water, so I’m taking that as a synergy between mediums. Its always a great night of music and connection, so would love you to pop in and join us next Saturday night from 6:30 pm x

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