“Eagles in my Daydreams, Diamonds in my Eyes”: Bowie, Blackstar & the Bataclan

At the time of the Bataclan slaying the Blackstar symbol, seen on Bowie’s ‘holy’ book was everywhere. Most curiously, it showed up on the hand of the Josh Homme, playing drums years earlier in the film clip for Speaking in Tongues. That song came to lead singer Jessie Hughes in a dream, he claimed. Fully formed. Blackstar was yet to be released. The Blind Seer wanted Eagles in his Daydreams, Diamonds in his eyes. He got his wish.

“Crashing Out with Sylvian : David Bowie, Carl Jung and the Unconscious” by Tanja Stark

Artist Tanja Stark explores the Jungian concepts woven throughout Bowie’s tableau of creativity and his synthesis of mythopoeic themes with the zeitgeist of pop culture. Together with a palpable struggle for meaning, catharsis and knowledge, Stark suggests Bowie is a poignant representation of Jung’s ‘visionary artist’, potentially illuminating his deep resonance in popular cultural consciousness.

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